Office Wear Fashion Jewellery for Women’s in India

Office Wear Fashion Jewellery for Women’s in India

A woman’s attire is incomplete if there is no jewelry to compliment the outfit. Wearing the right jewellery can not only bring the different elements of your attire together, but it also makes you look and feeling confident. Above all, it helps you stay in touch with the feminine side of your nature even though you may be the lady boss at your workplace!

Office Jewellery: Things to Consider
Jewellery that you wear to office cannot be ostentatious and garrulous. Rather, it is ooze of elegance and simplicity. It is best to refrain from wearing chunky and loud earrings and bracelets regardless of the ambience at your workplace. Garish and heavy jewellery are a distraction and you should keep them hidden in your closet for a girls’ day out or wedding.

In an office environment, stick to wearing simple and subtle jewellery pieces that are light and do not hinder your day-to-day activities at your workplace.

If you are still stumped for the right jewellery choice for your work, here are a few suggestions that will allow you to stick to the unwritten jewellery code for office and also elevate your style quotient to the next level.

Everyday Office Jewellery

It is perfectly acceptable nowadays for contemporary professional women to wear delicate gold and silver jewellery. If you wear a chain-link bracelet with a similar chain round the neck, no one will bat an eyelid.

Alternatively, you should have no qualms about wearing a Dholki mala set with your ethnic attire. The good news is that the world of fashion jewellery has expanded to envelop women entrepreneurs and professionals, and you will be able to buy stunning
 fashion jewellery online to match your style sense and wardrobe.

Opt for classy, oxidised Kohlapuri necklace set to wear with ethnic attire, especially salwar suits, sarees and patialas. You will immediately become cynosure of all eyes and attract envious looks and compliments from your colleagues.

In case you favour western attire, such as formal business suits and blouse and trousers or skirts, complete your everyday office wear with a designer oxidised pendant and a colourful stone ring to break the monotony and harshness of your outfit.

In-House Meetings and Presentations

It is always challenging to find the perfect jewellery for in-house meetings and presentations. You don’t want to sport garish jewellery to detract people from what you have to say. Hence, it is prudent to pick up simplistic designs to go with your semi-formal attire.

It is best to wear ethnic attire and combine it with ethnic jewellery. You will be amazed at the choice of
ethnic jewellery online, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding muted and subtle pieces to match your kurti, leggings, and dupattas.

If you want to ramp up your confidence, wear casual business attire, like formal trousers with a silk shirt or blouse and contrast it with ethnic jewellery. Wear small earrings with matching rings and bracelets. Here, you can think of accessorising your clothing with oxidised jewellery as it is formal enough not to be a distraction and feminine enough to up your style sense and confidence.

Formal Business Meeting
If you are heading for a formal business meeting to a client’s office, you will have to up your style game while maintaining your modesty and professionalism. It is not as tricky as it sounds. Opt for elegance and sophistication when choose your clothes and jewellery. This is not the occasion to wear dangling jhumkas and over the top earrings. Instead, opt for studs or small hoops and club that with a slinky bracelet.

You can also wear a chain round the neck, but don’t go for a heavy set. Think heart-shaped or coin pendants to create an aesthetic appeal and bring different elements of your outfit together. Remember, you need to impress your client with your words, attitude and appearance. So, keep things professional yet refined and simple when it comes to your clothes and jewellery.

Choosing the right jewellery can give you the confidence you need to excel at your workplace. Check online for the best jewellery designs and styles and keep these pointers in mind when you are sussing out fashion jewellery for office wear. You just cannot go wrong.


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