About Us

We are a group of passionate people based out of Jaipur who came together with a challenge to fight the burgeoning inflation which is common problem of every household in India.

We have been present online from 9th July and earlier we were serving people of Rajasthan.

We had a no. of satisfied & happy customers who bought with us. We build a niche bond with our customers & that's why we have a no. of repeat customers within this short period of our presence & this earned us a lot of popularity in Rajasthan during this short span. After running successfully in Rajasthan, we feel that we need to serve people across PAN INDIA. So this motivated us to expand our reach to entire India. We care for our customers & just want a never ending smile on their face.

Our Aim

  • We Aim is to simplify the shopping experience of customers by saving them a lot of time & money when they shop with us.
  • We understand our customers, so we tend to provide exclusive & designer products at very affordable price which are normally available at very high price at other online as well as offline stores.
  • We came up with this innovative model to end the legacy of already present stores in market which sell products at high price & earn high margin.
  • We consider that every chic has right to look fashionable & experiment with her looks. So we help chic to do so by giving best high quality & traditional imitation jewellery at very affordable price so that chic do not think twice before trying out our products.

Our Team

We have a team of experienced & enthusiastic designers & staff whose knowledge & understanding is comparable to none. Our team members are very much dedicated & passionate about their work and always ready to cater for customer service. They help us to design best quality products that suits well to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our team's main focus. So they don't hesitate to go out of the way for customer satisfaction.

Our Collection

  • We have a huge collection of traditional as well as fashion imitation jewellery which are handpicked and designed after a lot of research by our professionals.
  • As we are based in Rajasthan, so our collection of exclusive Rajasthani products is very wide. We have a huge collection of antique jewellery which are available only exclusively at select destinations of Rajasthan.
  • All our collection is chosen very carefully by our professional designers.

Our customer service

  • We offer best in class customer service. We consider our customer as our greatest asset, so we give top priority to our customers.
  • Our customer care agents are very friendly & patient. They sincerely listen to customer queries & complaints & help to resolve it.
  • We offer hassle free return service within 15days after the delivery of order to the customer.Return & refund terms.
  • Most of our prepaid orders are shipped within 24 hrs. of order placing by reputed couriers only.Shipping terms.

Our Packing

  • We place all products in a jewellery box or standard packaging. There is no charge levied on customers for jewellery box.
  • Our order shipment package is packed in temper proof standard Cartoon Box or in a PU polythin.
  • We came up with this innovative model to end the legacy of alread